Source code for tornadobabel.extract

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

    Extract messages from tornado templates

    :copyright: (c) 2012 by Openlabs Technologies & Consulting (P) Limited
    :license: BSD, see LICENSE for more details.
import ast

from tornado import escape
from tornado.template import (_UNSET, _DEFAULT_AUTOESCAPE, _TemplateReader,
    _parse, _File, _Expression)

GETTEXT_FUNCTIONS = ('_', '_N', 'gettext', 'ngettext')

[docs]class DummyTemplate(object): """A template object just used to parse the template string. The class resembles tornado.Template but stops at parsing the file. """ def __init__(self, template_string, name="<string>", loader=None, compress_whitespace=None, autoescape=_UNSET): = name self.compress_whitespace = True if autoescape is not _UNSET: self.autoescape = autoescape elif loader: self.autoescape = loader.autoescape else: self.autoescape = _DEFAULT_AUTOESCAPE self.namespace = loader.namespace if loader else {} reader = _TemplateReader(name, escape.native_str(template_string)) self.file = _File(self, _parse(reader, self))
[docs]def walk(node): """ Given a template node, walk over all its descendants >>> t = DummyTemplate("{{ _('Hello') }}") >>> len(list(walk(t.file))) 3 >>> t = DummyTemplate("{% if a %}{{ _('Hello') }}{% end %}") >>> len(list(walk(t.file))) 5 """ for child in node.each_child(): if child.each_child(): for grandchild in walk(child): yield grandchild yield child
[docs]def extract_from_node(expression, gettext_functions=None): """Extract localizable strings from the given Template Expression :param expression: A node of type tornado.template._Expression :param gettext_functions: A list of gettext function names that should be parsed from template :return: iterator returning tuple in the format babel wants """ if gettext_functions is None: gettext_functions = GETTEXT_FUNCTIONS for node in ast.walk(ast.parse(expression.expression)): # Recursively walk through all descendant nodes if isinstance(node, ast.Call): # If the type is a function call if not ( isinstance(node.func, ast.Name) and \ in gettext_functions): continue strings = [] for arg in node.args: if isinstance(arg, ast.Str): strings.append(arg.s) else: strings.append(None) for arg in node.keywords: strings.append(None) if node.starargs is not None: strings.append(None) if node.kwargs is not None: strings.append(None) if len(strings) == 1: strings, = strings else: strings = tuple(strings) yield expression.line,, strings
[docs]def extract_tornado(fileobj, keywords, comment_tags, options): """Extract messages from Python source code. :param fileobj: the seekable, file-like object the messages should be extracted from :param keywords: a list of keywords (i.e. function names) that should be recognized as translation functions :param comment_tags: a list of translator tags to search for and include in the results. (Not implemented yet) :param options: a dictionary of additional options (optional) :return: an iterator over ``(lineno, funcname, message, comments)`` tuples :rtype: ``iterator`` """ template = DummyTemplate(, or options.get('name', '<string>'), ) for node in walk(template.file): if isinstance(node, _Expression): for lineno, func, message in extract_from_node(node): # TODO: Implement the comment feature, right now an empty # iterable is returned yield lineno, func, message, []